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EDM Solutions

Presiding over this industry, we are the largest EDM manufacturers in India. With over 35 years of rich experience, we’re steadily moving towards being a major EDM Wire manufacturer globally.

Reinventing Industrialization

We have specialists with years of experience in high-end engineering who can rework, rebuild, refurbish, and even change the equipment to meet our production needs. This is in addition to rendering complex and ground-breaking engineering solution.

Featured Brands

Two global stalwarts, exclusively available through Nickunj Group.
Unique expertise. Innovative engineering. Market-leading products. And groundbreaking services.
Bedra OGBedra Red
Hirschmann OGHirschmann Colored

Nickunj EDM Brands

We bring decades of experience in the EDM field backed by our in-house Research and Development Centers and Workshops.
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Nickunj Brands-21Nickunj Brands-31
Nickunj Brands-30Nickunj Brands-40
Nickunj Brands-25Nickunj Brands-36
Nickunj Brands-27Nickunj Brands-37
Nickunj Brands-28Nickunj Brands-38
Nickunj Brands-23Nickunj Brands-33
Nickunj Brands-24Nickunj Brands-34
Nickunj Brands-26Nickunj Brands-36
Nickunj Brands-29Nickunj Brands-39
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Our Other Strategic Business Units

Decentralized specialized units that are aligned towards giving you the competetive edge in the market through innovative solutions and decades of technical experience.

In-house experts available to provide guidance for achieving optimum performance.