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Fixturing System

Fixturing Systems 4000 For Wire EDM Conforming To ISO9001 / EN9100:

This Fixturing System 4000 can be mounted on any wire e ctrical discharge machine. All components of the Fixturing System are made of 1ghest quality stainless steel. The components are vacuum-hardened and precisi n-ground on the clamping and function surfaces and are also completely su ace treated. Daily maintenance and cleaning are required to maintain long life and repeatability. Hirschmann Fixturing System 4000
  • .002 mm (0 .00008") repetitive accuracy
  • Crash-free clamping of work pieces weighing up to 30 kg (66.15 lbs)
  • Secure and precise set-ups on external presetting station
  • Manual and automatic pallet change
  • Rust-proof
  • Compatible to all HIRSCHMANN Fixturing Systems

The Optimum - Pallets with Universal Holders

Can be used in combination with a Basic Set or as a palletized solution for single or multiple parts of small or medium-size. First, the universal holder of choice is fastened securely to a pallet. The pallet with the holder is then mounted and secured (via manual turning a single screw or by pneumatics) to a clamper which is permanently mounted to a presetting station.

Characteristics of 3D Pallet

  • For holders and work pieces weighing up to 30 kg 66.15 lbs)
  • Wide range of adjustment (0 . 5 mm/0.0197" on a le th of 80 mm/3.152")
  • Quick and secure adjustment in X-, Y- and Z-direction
  • Vibration free even under high flushing pressure
  • Z-surfaces for Z = zero position are insulated against dust
  • Quick and easy zero positioning
  • 0.002 mm (0.0008") repetitive accuracy (on-off, position to po "tion )
  • Low profil construction allows optimal clearance with upper wire uide
  • Cross-hair prism centering not effected by heat
  • Rear surface ground parallel to prism for adjusting 3rd axis