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Polishing Stones

EDM Polishing Stones

AM-8 Excellent ultrasonic stone, strong; holds shape
AS-9 Great with profiler and hand stoning
Orange EDM Fast cutting action with consistent breakdown
GOLD Perfect allround aluminium oxide stone

General purpose stone (Aluminium Oxide)

AM-2 General purpose stone, soft, fast breakdown
Die Stone Slightly harder than AM-2
AM-K White Aluminum oxide stone good for machined surfaces
AS-H White Aluminium oxide stone softer than AM-K

General purpose stone (Silicon Carbide)

CS Fast-cutting black silicon carbide
CS-M Premium green silicon carbide, fast cutting, medium hardness
CS-HD Harder stone than CS-M, excellent for hardened steel, 47-63 Rc

Specialty Stones

T2 Excellent stone for stainless steel
T4 Engineered for finishing aluminium and soft metals
AO Aggressive stone for general mill removal and EDM
TH Performs well on all types of tool steels
900-F Very soft stone for super-fine finishing

Roughing Stones

Roughout Softer stone, aggressive cutting, 80-220 grits
Ruby Extremely fast cutting stone

Detail Stones

Ceramic Stones Very strong, used for EDM removal in ribs & slots.
RIBSTONE® High-tech diamond abrasive polishing tool
CNB-80 & 120 Extremely aggressive advanced composite fiber
Diamond Files Precisely manufactured from the highest quality diamond

Industrial Abrasives

Mounted Points Designed specially for mould and die work
Boron Dressing Stick B4C dressing sticks are extremely wear-resistant
Dressing Sticks Aluminium oxide sticks used to clean and dress wheels
Sharpening Stones Used for deburring, sharpening and honing


Stone Holders Specially designed for hand use and profilers
BORI-LUBE 10 To clean, lubricate and prevent stone loading Safely removes haze, plate-out, rust oxidation and stains
Mold Polish ASafety removes haze, plate-out, rust oxidation and stains
Miniature Brushes Mandrel-mounted wore and hair brush
White Felt Bobs Produces a high surface finish on all dies and molds
Wood Sticks For lapping and finishing by hand

BORI-LUBE 10 - Polishing Lubricant

BORI-LUBE 10 is formulated for mould polishing to clean, lubricate and prevent stone loading. Environmentally friendly and non-hazardous.

Polishing Accessories

Stone Holders : Specially designed holders for hand use and profilers. Conventional and detail polishing holder design is available. All holders are made of a material that will not damage mould and die surfaces.

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